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View Diary: Sensenbrenner Pulls Plug on Conyers (307 comments)

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  •  Sensenbrenner to Conyers: (4.00)

    Sensenbrenner to Conyers:
    Go to the back of the (Congressional) bus.

    Sensenbrenner is making Rep. Conyers, one of the most senior and widely respected members of Congress and the Congressional Black Caucus, the back of the bus, so to speak?

    Has any White Representative ever been treated as disrespectfully as this? My guess: no.

    Where's the mainstream news media when it comes to the blatant disrespect of ranking minority members?

    •  This has nothing to do with race (none)
      and everything to do with ideology. All dems are ordered to the back of the bus, and as long as we keep taking it, they'll keep getting away with it.
      •  This has everything to do with race... (4.00)
        ...and basic, decent human courtesies which should be paid the one of the, if not the, higest ranking African-American elected official in the U.S.

        It's disrespectful to all of the others you mentioned, and its also disrespectful to the African-American community which Mr. Conyers represents.

        •  Sensenbrenner "Disses" Conyers.... (none)
          should become our mantra for a few days, until we embarrass Sensenbrenner into not only allowing Congressional offices to be used, but to apologize to Mr. Conyers.
        •  Sensenbrenner (none)
          doesn't give a shit whether he's black or white, male or female. He's shutting down the opposition, period, especially when it comes to blowing Bush's game right out of the water. All of us are impacted by this action, ALL of us. His attack on Conyers is an attack on me and an attack on you, and on everyone else who's trying to bring the truth to the surface, regardless of race, religion or gender.
          •  Would he have done this (4.00)
            to Ted Kennedy?  Really?

            I think there's something to this. It may not have been an explicit intention on Senselessbrenner's part, but it's certainly an implicit result.

            Beware the everyday brutality of the averted gaze.
            What is the White House Hiding?

            by mataliandy on Tue Jun 14, 2005 at 04:12:03 PM PDT

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            •  Ted Kennedy is a Senator (none)
              You don't think any of the GOP will come down like an anvil on ANYBODY bringing this information forward, unless they're BLACK? They came down pretty hard on O'Neill, didn't they? And Richard Clarke, if I recall correctly. Both of them are WHITE. God knows they attacked Kerry with all their heart and soul, because of the color of his skin no doubt. Stop looking for racial issues that simply aren't there. I heard his remarks when he shut down the hearing. He's solidly focused on shutting up the people who are determined to expose the truth about Bush's war. No testimony is valid testimony because it's laced with broad brush strokes against the entire Administration's policies, according to Sensenbrenner. If you want to turn this into a racial issue then you're the one subverting the process of fighting the GOP to get the truth exposed about them.
              •  As I said (none)
                It may not have been an explicit intent, but it is implicit in the result.

                Yes, I know Kennedy is a Senator. I was shooting for a white person in office for approximately the same period.  So, if you want to be a stickler about house, how about Barney Frank? Would he really have shut down Barney Frank?

                I don't believe he would have done it to any Rep who he thought had enough power. He clearly doesn't think Conyers has enough power to fight back.  The power of black people is often automatically assumed to be less than the power of others. This is a powerful vs powerless scenario - and, in an instance where it's being done against a black person, there are always racist undertones.

                I believe he would have pulled something else against a white person of comparable experience, but not this.

                Beware the everyday brutality of the averted gaze.
                What is the White House Hiding?

                by mataliandy on Wed Jun 15, 2005 at 07:57:07 AM PDT

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                •  You reckon Blackwell got the same (none)
                  disrespect from the GOP, what with the power of black people being automatically assumed to be less than the power of others. The power of ANY minority is always assumed inferior to that of the majority, and in this case the minority impacted by this action bears the label "Democrats." All democrats, or opposition as the case may be, are affected equally by this regardless of whether they're black, white, green or blue.
          •  How Do You Know... (none)
            ...that Sensenbrenner doesn't care about Conyers' race? Has he ever treated a White member of his committee this way?  
            •  Show me white members of his committee (none)
              holding hearings that criticize the party line, and we'll have your answer to that question.
              •  If it were a Democratic (none)
                committee chairman showing blatant disrespect toward a Republican African-American Congressman
                (assuming the Republicans actually had an
                African-American federal elected official, which they don't), you bet your life that the Republican'ts and their talking head servants in the so-called "news" media would already have raised and be obssessing over speculation about racist motives.

                The question as to whether Mr. Sensenbrenner's blatantly disrespectful treatment towards one of this nation's leading African-American leaders has anything to do with his racial attitude is a legitimate one. Perhaps he doesn't. Would like to hear him; would like to have someone with balls make him have to defend himself, and would like to explore Mr. Sensenbrenner's past with regard to racial matters. His disrespectful behavior towards Mr. Conyers warrants some questions, at the very least.

                •  Yes let's explore the issue (none)
                  in the media, in fact let's make a big stink out of this with the race card so the real suppression of truth surrounding the DSM can slip under the radar while we're all battling this heated racial issue on all the talk shows. Makes for damn good distraction material when there's something significant to hide.

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