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View Diary: Why we're going to Beat the GOP in the End. It's just a matter of Time and Demographics. (28 comments)

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    We still have quite a few progressives and Democrats on our side so I think that by saying the Democratic Party is moving ever rightward is ludicrous.  That would be saying Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, Tom Udall, Jeff Merkley, Mark Udall, Ron Wyden, Ed Markey (likely to become U.S. Senator if he wins Tuesday), Sheldon Whitehouse, Tammy Baldwin, Barbara Lee, Brian Schatz, Donna Edwards, Keith Ellison, etc.

    Rightfully so, you can make an argument that certain Democrats could be considered to move to the right on certain issues that pertain to national security:  Dan Lipinski, Nancy Pelosi (for voting "no" on the 2002 Iraq War Resolution but then not calling impeachment to the table when she became House Majority Leader in January 2007), Stephen Lynch, Dianne Feinstein (although she's really been a fighter for gun control), Bill Nelson, etc.  Whether it's a majority of Democrats or not, understand that so long as the GOP is marginalized, there is still room for growth in the Democratic Party.  Unlike the GOP, the Democrats are not pandering to the religious right.

    One of the things I'm not hearing from a lot of Kossacks is the lobbying system and fundraising practices for people in Congress (especially those who just got elected and are only a few months into their first term).  More of these issues need to be addressed and clamped down on.  Of course, Jeff Merkley, Elizabeth Warren, Tom Udall and Ed Markey have been fighting like mad against Citizens United.  These are also very important issues for democracy sake.

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