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View Diary: Discussing Snowden's legal issues isn't a 'distraction'. (148 comments)

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  •  To what end? (5+ / 0-)

    I have to admit I only skimmed that diary very briefly, then decided it wasn't worth my time.

    Is the goal to make it so that people who break such contracts are punished ever more harshly, or to make it so they aren't punished at all?  To support the power of the nation-state over any given individual, to prevent them from acting when they feel that the nation is violating civil rights?  I don't really see how you can ever craft a law that is in the least realistic that both allows for such challenges of conscience to occur and still funnel that person into using an 'approved' pathway that runs through other representatives of the nation.  

    If you can't take the problem to an impartial third party, you can never truly have a system that actually allows for any break from the desires of those in power.

    I'd go along with a law that says 'all leakers must take their information to the UN', or the ICC, or some other multinational body that is not merely yet another appendage of the very system that is being accused of rights violations.  But I sure as hell don't see the yahoos on the right ever going along with that.

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