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View Diary: Saving Pigs and Cows is Terrorism (94 comments)

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    Munchkn, True North, Tom Anderson

    For the diary and for not posting pictures; I have seen enough to last me a lifetime. However, I took the risk on opening your diary as I didn't know how else to recommend it.  

    These Ag-Gag bills have to be stopped and there was at least one in the latest farm bill, so other than the food stamp cut going down in flames, there was another reason to cheer.

    Been a vegetarian for over 14 years; only thing I miss is a really good steak sandwich with a touch of horseradish, crispy lettuce, lightly toasted homemade bread.... However, I can live healthier and know that a critter didn't have to die.

    You might want to check out Farm Sanctuary on Facebook or the web.  Great organization that does a lot of good on both coasts.

    Thanks again

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