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View Diary: TRAITOR Snowden's 4 Lap Tops Drained by China (214 comments)

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  •  How old do you have to be (14+ / 0-)

    to attain the wisdom Snowden lacks?
    35?  70?
    Most of the D-Day soldiers were under the age of 30.
    How does a journalist reporting information lose their shield?  A day after they change careers?  3 1/2 years?  When it does not suit you? When they became a journalist at some certain age?
    Do people have to be the correct fucking age and have been in a particular job for a correct amount of fucking time to be credible, or criminal?
     I was a sophomore in college when I was 17.  I am 61 today.
    Back then, I was in the first protest on the Baylor university campus ever.  Today, I represent the Trans Canada Pipeline protesters that get arrested pro bono.
    When did I become self-annointed?

    •  Can't say, but there are not many... (0+ / 0-)

      30 year olds similarly situated that I would entrust to decide.

      I am not particularly enamored with Ben Rhodes either.

      My comment actually was about Snowden, not about you. If you think Snowden is wise, be my guest.

      Are you saying that journalists cannot violate the law? That is my impression.

    •  Yeah, and those D-Day soldiers under 30 years of (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      WakeUpNeo, Rashaverak

      age weren't the ones making the decisions on when or where to launch D-Day.

      You want an age?  How about 35, for that's the minimum age to be president.  The post above isn't so much about age, is more that nobody elected Snowden to make national security decisions.  If he wanted to make the decisions, he could either wait until he's 35 and run for president and then make decisions on what should be declassified or not; or he could do what he did but also face the charges for unauthorized action like Ellsberg had he courage to do.  Snowden did neither.  He appointed himself as "The Decider", nobody elected him, then he acted on his decisions for the nation, then fled the law like a coward.

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