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View Diary: New Coke Kos: DKos Now a Libertarian Website (256 comments)

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  •  Ah! I definitely didn't see THIS (1+ / 0-)
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    1 part Purity + 1 Part Libertarian = The New Koolaid!

    Who knew that opposing the government spying on its citizens was now the singular province of "Libertarians"? (Does that mean that Liberals and Conservatives now agree that a Police State is a Good Thing?)

    The Purity Flavor meets the Libertarian Flavor - New, Improved, and a flavor good little partisans can gulp down with enthusiasm!

    Never mind the facts.  Never mind our Obama Presidency not only hasn't reversed Bush-era spying but expanded it..

    Bipartisanship!  You know you're on the right path when Dick Cheney agrees with ya.


    The excuses for Obama's behavior have long since passed the point of predictability neccessary to qualify as an absurd production of Kabuki Theater.

    by Johnathan Ivan on Mon Jun 24, 2013 at 08:24:24 AM PDT

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