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  •  tough to call just one fave panel... (0+ / 0-)

    ...because the Publicans' political proclivities provide such a target-rich environment.
    A swipe at their Constitutional hypocrisy here (birthplace citizenship being right there in the Constitution and all), a shoutout to their war on women there, even a swipe at their bizarre Randroid worldview...
    Too bad the humor is of the you-gotta-laugh-to-keep-from-crying sort.
    Still, it takes a brilliant mind to turn it into a coherent comic, so all props to Mr McFadden.
    Except I do gotta say, for me, the very funniest part is one he can't really take credit for -- the fact that this neanderthal is (or, hopefully, was) a practicing ObGyn...
    What woman would ever be this guy's patient?
    Bolling's Charley the Australopithecene would be more qualified...
    Maybe that's why "Doc" Burgess hadda run for Congress?

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