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    He has a beautiful and perfect example of a staysail schooner there, it has a small boom for the jib like sail at the bottom between the two masts, and hoisted to the rear mast. It has one boom on the three sided Marconi type mainsail.

    The staysail is the large four cornered sail at the top of the front, the main mast.

    He has a picture of a gaff rigged schooner as well. Both schooners with common schooner rigs.

    What you said describes gaff rigged sails in general, that there are two booms, however there are many Marconi rigged schooners, ones with one boom and a three sided sail, and ones with a three sided Marconi type sail and no boom.

    Booms are heavy, expensive and dangerous giving some advantages and having costs..not always seen.

    The gaff rigged type sails that have two booms behind the mast are the most complex, rigging to hoist both ends of the gaff, the top boom, rigging to haul the gaff sail up, and out, rigging to control the end  of the gaff up and down..really complex to imagine crummy 'food', freezing weather and no consistent sleep for weeks, and climbing up to work the squaresails that schooners sometimes had as well as the two booms and gaff headed fore and aft sails.

    Every configuration has been tried and tried..there are gaff sloops, ketches and yawls, and some also have square sails as well..crazy huh? Sometimes the yard is hoisted, sometimes the yard is left aloft.

    And then there are special storm sails and special sails for downwind or reaching...all have to be fixed and patched by the bosun's mate or sailmaker on board, by hand...once upon a time..

    all hard work, and dangerous too, relying on your community of fellow sailors at all times.

     In my sailing I have saved and been saved, literally by my fellow sailors.

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Mon Jun 24, 2013 at 01:39:54 PM PDT

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