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View Diary: Schools and Safety; What We Do When We Deny (9 comments)

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  •  Thank you so much, Bcgntn. (0+ / 0-)

    I agree completely with you and with all the people at DailyKos who write that poverty has a devastating effect on children in every part of their lives, including their ability to learn in school. I believe neighborhoods all over the country in which there is constant and persistent life-threatening violence, persistent over decades, not just recently, are not receiving equal protection under the law. They are essentially areas of our nation almost in a state of war. So I know the problem is huge. And I don't think the public schools alone can solve it.

    But I think the public schools can be stronger centers of providing equal rights and equal protection by being better schools, for all children, not just for children in poverty. When I read that children from low-income families and violent neighborhoods cannot concentrate on what is provided in school, I believe that's true to the extent that it's true. But when I read that children from higher-income families accomplish more in school because their parents provide them with background resources, like exposure to knowledge and training, then I want the schools to provide those things to all children.

    Your description of the school, and especially the neighborhood school, as a SANCTUARY is so precious, vital and important. I hope you and others like you who are concerned about neighborhood safety and education will assert that schools are a place for legal rights. Those rights include an excellent education and strong community well being.

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