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View Diary: Edward Snowden: Freedom Lover or Just Another Self-Serving Spy? (76 comments)

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    The persecution and prosecution of Snowden, Assange, Manning and others like them would be a lot easier to accept if we were also seeing accountability in the higher ranks-- but we aren't.  Those in positions of power and privilege are exempt from prosecution in the political culture that we have at the moment.  Torture, lies, fraud, and other crimes against our democracy and our economy are not vigorously investigated and prosecuted when they are committed by persons of rank in the corporate / military hierarchy.  The only people who get charged with serious crime are those who have the integrity to speak up and reveal the rot at the top.

    "They aren't coming for your guns, they are coming for your Social Security."

    by Eagleye on Mon Jun 24, 2013 at 06:52:45 PM PDT

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      There is an uneasy sense from this whole flap that people in power live by their own rules - and in some instances their own reactions don't help to tamp down that perception. If you look at the details of what Obama has said and done, I think that it's safe to say that he's been very lawyerly about the whole thing - which is to say that he's been good at defending the legality of the FISA requests but slow to address the lopsided power that the Executive branch has been granted over the past thirty-plus years. No easy answers, but fixing Congress seems to be the first step towards more sanity. If Obama can't get legislative support for more balanced policies, the Executive Branch is not likely to disarm unilaterally.

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