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  •  what are the chances that the House could (4+ / 0-)
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    jj32, LordMike, bythesea, askew

    pass the Senate immigration bill via discharge petition? Boehner wouldn't have to bring the bill to the floor and break the Hastert rule.  And by letting its members do as they please, the GOP leadership could get the issue off the table. Are there 25-30 GOP house members who sign the petition?

    •  That might be the approach that is needed (5+ / 0-)

      There is a broad coalition that supports CIR, but they have never gotten this far, a bill clearing the Senate with a bipartisan majority.

      It will interesting to see what approach they take to the House, how patient they are with the timing of a House vote, etc.

    •  I think very little chance (2+ / 0-)
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      jncca, bythesea

      Discharge petitions are very rare, and even moderate Republicans who support immigration would likely not defy the leadership and bring this to the floor that way. I don't think there are enough Republicans who feel strongly enough about immigration reform to make it work, certainly not 17. That's different than saying there aren't enough Republicans to support the bill if Boehner did defy the Hastert rule and bring it to the floor. Signing a discharge petition with a (vast) majority of Democrats on a bill like this would likely mean a primary for any Republican except possibly Gary Miller and a handful of other Republicans.

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