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View Diary: To Nelson Mandela, my favorite college professor (20 comments)

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    Thank you for posting it. Having been your counterpart at Tulane at roughly the same time (one year later), this brought back a lot for me, as has Mandela's imminent demise. Much has happened to fuck up this world, and much has been done to heal it and move us forward. Thank you for being one who has chosen the latter path, and for so long. I hadn't remembered, until reading your post, the camaraderie of those days. The issue, sure; the danger -- or perceived danger -- yes; but the solidarity, the community, the human connections we made in that time…I hadn't really thought of those in a while. And I should have. Now, because of you I have and I am grateful for it...

    Guilt is what you feel because of the kinds of things you've done. Responsibility is what you take because of the kind of person you are...

    by tim wise on Wed Jun 26, 2013 at 10:36:10 AM PDT

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