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    I believe it was a Russian official who pointed out a couple of days ago that Snowden would not need a visa to fly into Moscow unless he was leaving the airport -- the logic being that entry into the 'transit zone' of the airport did not constitute entry into Russia.

    Heck, I even heard some (now quiet) speculation that he was not on the flight from HK to Moscow. Everyone involved said he was... but it seemed that no one had actually seen him.  Interesting, if true.

    Either the Powers-that-Be know where he is and aren't talkin', or he has made a getaway worthy of a Robert Ludlum novel.

    Be all that as it may, I'm still waiting for people to weary of chasing Ed and OJ, hiding in the cabin of the white Aeroflot plane, and focus on the issues of NSA surveillance. Complicated and scary, I know, but a topic actually worth exploring. A country boy can hope.

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