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View Diary: Anti-abortion pregnancy center lies caught on tape (112 comments)

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  •  They also lie on Google. (35+ / 0-)

    They advertise and list in Google AdWords as if they are abortion clinics. Their websites are vague and often seem to be actual abortion clinics. We should shut down that whole thing with Google.

    Here's the Google Advertiser Claims policy:

    Advertiser claims
    What's the policy?

    Your AdWords ads should be truthful, accurate, and up-to-date every time they're shown to users.

    Advertiser claims include but are not limited to: competitive claims, superlatives, offers, discounts, and pricing. This policy also covers unverified offers and claims that are either scientifically impossible, or otherwise misleading to users.

        All advertising claims must be factually supportable.
        All discounts and offers in your ad must be up-to-date and must match the content on your website.
        All advertised products, prices, offers, and discounts must be available on your site, at most two clicks away from your landing page, or through a basic search on your site.
        Users must be able to perform the ad's call to action – if any – on the site, within 2 clicks of the landing page.
        Any pricing information in ads must comply with local regulations concerning inclusion of tax and other applicable charges.

    I'd say that CPCs that advertise under the keywords "abortion clinic" are FALSE and MISLEADING and violate the Google policy. If you find that in your area by Googling as if you're looking for a clinic, then report to Google at 1 877 906-7957.

    Abortion Clinics OnLine, the world's first and largest source for online abortion clinic information. Join my DK Abortion Group.

    by annrose on Tue Jun 25, 2013 at 08:40:05 AM PDT

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