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View Diary: Voting Rights Act of 1965 Struck Down: What The Supreme Court Does Not Understand About Racism (8 comments)

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  •  Its Not About Racism, It's About Winning Elections (1+ / 0-)
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    Roberts and his RW cohorts on the Supreme Court are doing the bidding of their corporate owners.  Getting rid of sections of the VRA allows Republicans to suppress the votes of minority populations with no repercussions - votes that overwhelmingly vote Democratic. This newly enabled Supreme Court voting suppression (along with gerrymandering), allows the Republican right wing corporate controlled agenda to win elections. The Supreme Court did not need to throw out Section 4 of the VRA - if they thought other states were discriminating (not just Southern states), all they needed to do was have Congress ADD more states to the list of those needing preclearance from DOJ for any voting changes, instead of scrapping section 4 altogether.
    So it's not about racism, it's all about corporations controlling our elections - Citizens United gave corporations control of the money part of elections, and striking down parts of the VRA gives corporations control over the voting suppression part of elections. Passing off the job of "updating the coverage formula" to Congress, just means that our democracy is effectively owned and operated by corporations, since (many members of) Congress are controlled by these same lobbyists.

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