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  •  There are plenty of potential local partners. (5+ / 0-)

    Detroit Bus Company uses biodiesel to transport their customers to and from events using uniquely efficient technologies.

    The Detroit Bus Company offers the fun, energetic character that epitomizes the renewed spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Detroit area. We are a colorful transportation service that carries the emotional appeal of Detroit today, creating a rider experience that speaks to the spirit of this ever-fighting city.

    Our focus is simple but hip, modern transportation. We have outfitted our buses with modern technology such as mobile tracking and on-board WiFi, all while maintaining the stripped-down feel of classic bus transportation. Riders can open the window and get an experience that is less boxed-off from the outside world, making our service ideal for tours, conventions, and orientations. Biofuel powers all of our vehicles to protect our air and to invest in American-made fuels.

    Powered by Biofuels

    We’re aware that we as a country need to move to more renewable energy sources in our everyday transportation for a fistful of reasons. While biodiesel isn’t the final answer in this ever-growing issue, it is readily available and making change today. From the very start, we’ll be pushing into new propulsion methods, new fuels and new energy storage technologies with real world testing. The next bus you get on may not burn any fuel at all.
    Live Mobile Bus Tracking

    Most of the difficulty of using a bus system is getting on the right bus at the right time. We eliminate this issue by having a free, easy-to-use mobile app for all smartphones showing the exact locations of our buses at that very moment and the routes they follow. You’ll be able to plan your boarding time to within a minute, minimizing your time left waiting outside and more time to do what you enjoy doing.

    Flexible Routing

    Currently in testing, our flexible routing system will go far beyond what you thought possible with a public transit system. During times of low demand, you’ll be able to request the bus come nearer – or even pick you up right where you stand – straight from the free tracking app. This will be another first in mass transit for The Detroit Bus Company.

    Backing up the rider experience is the paint job. We hired local street artists to paint our buses, demonstrating our commitment to the rebirth of the city, while gaining a look that instantly adds personality to your event.

    We value quality over all: We pay our staff more and maintain our buses to a higher standard than any other bus company out there. Try out the best bus rental Detroit has to offer. Take a look at our fleet:

    Seats 42

        Biodiesel Powered
        Great High-end Sound System (CD, iPod or USB Capable)
        Open Air
        Front and Rear Heat
        On-board PA Announcement System
        Live Tracker Enabled and Accessible Using Any iPhone or Android
        On-board Free WiFi
        Great Both Long Distance and In-Town Trips
        Full Body Hand Painted Mural by Detroit Artist Kobie Solomon

    Stop and think about what you can do to help.

    by gordonsoderberg on Tue Jun 25, 2013 at 11:16:55 AM PDT

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