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View Diary: Just what have you got in there? IAN: July 18, 2013 (81 comments)

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  •  Before I found the leaking bag of rotted (6+ / 0-)

    watermelon, which, according to my calculations, had been in there for over a month and was probably the source of the odor I kept noticing and blaming on Mr. C's unseemly behavior, I had a pouch for pens.

    At any given time, there might be 10-15 pens in it, along with a couple pencils and sharpener in case the pens ran out of ink at the same time.

    (I see no reason to take any chances on not have the proper writing materials at hand.)

    By the way, when I discovered that horrific mess and threw the purse in the garbage, Mr. C fished it out and said all it needed was a few hours in the sun to "bake out the smell of rotting flesh." He sat it out in the yard, and when I looked out later, a raven was on the ground circling it like roadkill.

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