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View Diary: Long-term Unemployment: Hysteresis, Older Workers & Disability (9 comments)

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  •  The exclusions are a catch 22 (11+ / 0-)

    Your skill set is highly evolved and may include an advanced degree.  One cannot find work in their selected field at the wages they are accustomed to.  

    You need work, so you apply to lesser positions.  However, you are rejected for being "over qualified".  So the next thing to do is to tailor your resume and dumb down your experience to prevent the over qualification issue.  However, you are then seen as a loser for not accomplishing very much in your 50 plus years of life/work experience.

    I have so many resume versions now it has become difficult to track.

    49, advanced degree, with tons of managerial experience and yet, primarily jobless for 3 years.  Temp work is the only thing I can find these days.  

    Depressing... you bet!

    Letting Republicans run the government is like putting Atheists in charge of a church. They don't believe in it, don't care if it works - and they take no responsibility for the results.

    by orangecurtainlib on Tue Jun 25, 2013 at 01:39:16 PM PDT

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