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  •  That Alabama met said an interesting thing (8+ / 0-)

    Perhaps inadvertently.

    ...but they have crossed the line into a political and cultural region...
    The key word there is "cultural" I'm thinking.  

    I think there's a whole suburban/exurban culture that is grounded in cheap gas and electricity, free tax-financed highways, mega churches and giant parking lots.  There was a belief that people could avoid the problems of the world by paving someplace further away from everyone else (especially people who look different!), but remaining connected to the affluence of city life through cheap energy and socialized road construction.

    That exurban monoculture is slowly crumbling, even before the imposition of taxes and tolls to cover (part of) the externally borne costs of carbon pollution.  Mortgages underwater, empty malls, bankrupt towns and school districts, crumbling roads and bridges.

    The development action these days is in transit intense and culturally diverse cities and urban places.

    But they're still in denial, so to speak, out in the far burbs.

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