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View Diary: Texas Senate Descends into Chaos Over Abortion Bill (73 comments)

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    Karen from Maui

    My comment wasn't meant to make light of the struggle.  

    I used to be a clinic escort. And I once helped someone home from the clinic when she had nobody else to turn to.  I don't see the pro-coathanger crowd as trying to relieve any suffering, after watching them up-close-and-personal while escorting.  ["Anti-abortion" isn't accurate, as they don't seem to want to help people avoid unwanted pregnancies in the first place. And "Pro-life" doesn't seem accurate since they don't seem to take the mother's life into account.]

    It was more in the spirit of: the power of TX crowds is truly awesome. On the gridiron I find it unsporting. In the capitol it was fantastic.

    And it doesn't hurt to try to find a little levity along the way, to rest a bit while preparing for the next battle...

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