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  •  Bewick's Wrens and Long Billed Curlews (4+ / 0-)

    MsBee spotted this: a Bewick's nest right by the parking spot at Devereaux Slough...the only thing she could see was a few sticks and her-Wren's tail sticking up! It's behind a chunk of bark, a big piece of loose Euc bark about to fall off. Once I pulled a chunk off and five or six small birds flew out..coulda been Bewick's...

    MsBee is getting her spotability ranking increased a couple of points:

     two small octupi-ses crawling along among the rocks in the harbor,

    the Bewick's Wren nest,

    young Red Tailed hawk stalking after the baby ground squirrels

    a Hooded Oriole nest,

    baby Dolphins spy hopping in the harbor

     immigrant GreyHawk  sighting

    Turtle...ahh, her turtle, that was great, could not see it even while watching it attempt to crawl...

    I may have missed a few, those are the latest I remember.

    I am impressed and it takes a brother and my mother had eyes in the back of their heads, they had xray/psychic pattern good. Them-geez lou eez.

    the Long Billed Curlews are mine all mine, tonight at the harbor mouth creek estuary, 5 all hanging around, a nearby baby egret crashing around chasing minners..ahh, good times.

    Looking at all about, they say these 5 birds should be in the midwest now, but here they are and I have seen them all winter here. So, some kind of data point..or is Satna Barbara still the home of the newly wed and nearly dead (boo!) or they are maybe retired from breeding?

    Later saw them flying as a flock, family? into the harbor, legged it over there but nowhere to be found.

    The baby Heermann's Gulls are now getting the White Head of Wisdom..little black gulls with white heads and red beaks. I think Heerman's, whadaino. A huge flock of them with elders and Western's on the sandbar... a 5' chunk of the inside curve of the sandbar washed out in that high tide.

    hey PH, thanks for this, my melancholia for my lost youth may be peaking, yer helping showing me my home Lake Ontario and NYwoods..:>...:<...:>...:? is perfect at this time of year.

    And thanks for rubbing it in with yer previous diary I hadn't seen, beau-tee-full...and now certainly recced..what a neat part of the coast I have never been to..

    Missed this diary last nite by mere minutes, hah, kilt 3 mossies, 4:30 finally out for good, I will not use sprays! grrr...

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Fri Jun 28, 2013 at 02:48:28 AM PDT

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