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View Diary: Why Paula Deen's Racism Matters Part 2: White Denial and the Casual Cruelty of Racist Violence (39 comments)

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  •  Why would anybody even want (5+ / 0-)

    Such a reenactment?  That's just pathetic.  You are so wealthy you can have any kind of wedding you want, and you want to pretend you still enslave other people because you find it all romantic.  It's just hideous.  Paula Deen be gone.

    •  I have seen some very bizarre things over (1+ / 0-)
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      the years such as a group of Waffen-SS reenactors.  I have been to a few functions where there have been some strange situations which would indicate the hosts are at least tone deaf when it comes to history and culture.  There are folks who do indeed "get off" on such things.  However, the question is, in carrying off such things, exactly what are the dynamics involved.  For example, while African American units involved in the Civil War are well documented  (Union Army), among the reenactments of various battles, I don't think I have ever seen a single African American reenactor among the blue contingent

    •  Ummmmmmm. (0+ / 0-)

      Can I just make a very FEMALE comment?  For a lot of women, it's just about the DRESSES.  All those yards and yards and yards of ruffles and lace.  Then you have the long winding staircase, the outrageously ornate dishes and tableware, the music, and the fellows don't look that bad when they're forced to wear tight pants and ruffled shirts with brocade waistcoats, either.

      There's no reason on earth not to have a "plantation" style wedding with your black friends invited to dress to the hilt, too.  The touch of anachronism in fancy dress can be delightful.  I thoroughly enjoyed the historical episodes of Dr. Who with his black sidekick Doctor Martha Jones occasionally startling the locals.  We've had black members of "white" society since Tudor England, and if their presence forces a momentary cognitive readjustment, isn't that a good thing?  Since we're all fantasizing anyway, can't we fantasize a beautiful party in which we all get to be aristocrats, wear the gorgeous clothes, waltz to lovely music, and all the waiters and bartenders are people, too?  Is it better to do "Kate and Leopold" and just pretend there's no such thing as black and brown people at all?

      •  When I was younger I was a clothes (0+ / 0-)

        Horse, so sure, that part is interesting.  And during my senior year prom the dresses with hoops and a modern corset were all the rage and I even got to wear such a thing....out West though.  But it isn't as if that style hasn't made a come back without having to be labeled "plantation style".  That was also the style all over Europe too at that time without all the slaves.

        And real history, did they really wear all that stuff in the summer with no AC cuz I live down here and I have my doubts as to exactly how accurate we are about the dresses other than during the winter months.  I am as skeptical of the accuracy of that history as I am skeptical of how kind and forced family-like we were to our slaves.

        I think we romanticize what we want to.  Did Bubba's wedding go off without AC, because AC free is antebellum :)?

        I am personally not ready to promote a plantation style anything as cool and awesome though.  My "fantasy" about what plantation style could mean was in reality a horror for some, and their great great grandchildren are standing next to me and some of them are still struggling with how far behind the rest of us their existing social status has placed them.  Having to have fantasies is for children, I am a grown up and don't need such fantasies to experience true joy in my daily life.

        •  How grey and colorless (0+ / 0-)

          being a Grown Up must be, then.  Rather like Puritanism, which relegates both color and toys as things only for children.  I always thought growing up meant freedom to make my own decisions and NOT be forced into ugly clothes, ugly boxes, and ugly, windowless buildings all winter long.  No, if beauty is a fantasy, then I'm all for fantasy, and I never intend to Grow Up.

          •  I am a pagan, and I do a lot of artwork too (0+ / 0-)

            Now because my life circumstances allow that.  I am so creative I don't need to step on the faces of the children of those we enslaved to have a good time :)  I am better than that, and everyone is capable of being better than that if they want to be.

            I hear all this crap about tradition around here.  You know what tradition is?  What we say it is.  What we choose to repeat.

            Have your dresses, they were from France.....remember?  Have some brie and champagne with the dresses, that probably happened too :)

      •  uuuhhmmmm, no ... (0+ / 0-)

        When our female bureauchief made this documentary about the proud US South a couple of years ago, most of us were (silently) quite embarrassed (and angry inside) about the subject she had chosen to focus on.

        We only thought about all the money it did cost to make a long docu like that and how it was wasted for this idiotic issue. What could have been produced with that money on way more pressing other relevant political issues in the US, especially in the South.

        The images and atmo is well made, but the issue ...what for ? They have never made a real educative documentary about the US voting system for example.

        It's a German documentary produced from our studio in Washington DC and apparently the channel Phoenix bought it and put it up on youtube. Your comment just reminded me of it and provoked me to make this comment.

        But you can have your dresses at TC 35:15 ... We looked at that part of the documentary with open mouth and jaws dropped. Especially the lady in red in Scarlett's dress at TC 12:19... caught our interest...(if I were her boss, I had rejected her choice of subject area for that production, but heh, it was the other way around, she was my boss ... ). and our camera woman had some stories to tell about that shoot.

        So, no, no excuses for female desires for fancy dresses ... and especially not in these days in 2013. I always have a regret that there are no english subtitles at least for the US audience, but in this case I am not. I think it's embarrassing. There are soooo many other issues one could have made a good documentary about, what the fuck we need that one for was beyond me.

        Sorry if this is a bit OT to this diary, your comment just brought it back to me.

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