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View Diary: Why Paula Deen's Racism Matters Part 2: White Denial and the Casual Cruelty of Racist Violence (39 comments)

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    When our female bureauchief made this documentary about the proud US South a couple of years ago, most of us were (silently) quite embarrassed (and angry inside) about the subject she had chosen to focus on.

    We only thought about all the money it did cost to make a long docu like that and how it was wasted for this idiotic issue. What could have been produced with that money on way more pressing other relevant political issues in the US, especially in the South.

    The images and atmo is well made, but the issue ...what for ? They have never made a real educative documentary about the US voting system for example.

    It's a German documentary produced from our studio in Washington DC and apparently the channel Phoenix bought it and put it up on youtube. Your comment just reminded me of it and provoked me to make this comment.

    But you can have your dresses at TC 35:15 ... We looked at that part of the documentary with open mouth and jaws dropped. Especially the lady in red in Scarlett's dress at TC 12:19... caught our interest...(if I were her boss, I had rejected her choice of subject area for that production, but heh, it was the other way around, she was my boss ... ). and our camera woman had some stories to tell about that shoot.

    So, no, no excuses for female desires for fancy dresses ... and especially not in these days in 2013. I always have a regret that there are no english subtitles at least for the US audience, but in this case I am not. I think it's embarrassing. There are soooo many other issues one could have made a good documentary about, what the fuck we need that one for was beyond me.

    Sorry if this is a bit OT to this diary, your comment just brought it back to me.

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