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View Diary: President Obama orders CDC to assess research on gun violence (31 comments)

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    I wasn't commenting on whether grabbing a gun is a good idea.  I was just pointing out that if you think the numbers of defensive uses are all for situations where a good guy actually faces down a bad buy, you are misinterpreting them.  And Gary has a right to an agenda, but if you are reading a report you need to know about it.  I do have an agenda on gun insurance.  I think if it was done right it would do great good and not be a big burden on gun owners.  It really matters how it's done, that's what my blog is about.  We should have real insurance protection at low cost.  I'm for the most effective kind of insurance and I'm not out to price guns out of the market.  I do, however, think that people who have guns, don't really want them and have them in a back closet, might end up selling them rather than pay for insurance.  

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