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View Diary: President Obama orders CDC to assess research on gun violence (31 comments)

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  •  well yeah, there's that inconvenience..haha (0+ / 0-)

    but this hypothetical but not an uncommon or unknown situation: restraining order from a wife via court..different than random traffic stop or whatever where you may think you need to fight the power and stand up to the Man....

    You say this when they come to collect your guns because they have a legal court ordered restraining order forbidding possession of guns? (and will we see this comment thread horked up for months and months?)
       How would that work for you...unless the particular LEO hates women and assumes she made the whole thing up and is banging the judge etc....but let's assume he is doing his job as the warrant orders..
      Now, assuming they are serious about enforcing the terms of this court order, you don't answer well, apply the 5th, or just hand over one gun and try to close the door on what?

      Next depending on the terms in the warrant they may go to the 'trouble' (whatever that actually may be for the individual officer and his dept and the has it's own politics and budget)..they get a more extensive search warrant, or the one they have allows them, and start tearing up your house and yard..because they decide You are The Case they need the crack down on.

       How much do you want your property wrecked and dug up? How much do you want to spend here defending your rights against a legally executed warrant? Your budget vs theirs.
       They aren't putting it back together for you the border patrol tearing your car apart because their drug dog 'alerted' on it, maybe alerted on it because the handler made him because the handler didn't like the snotty bumper sticker or your haircut or tattoos etc..

    So how much is that gun hidden away really worth? That's a decision with an unknown cost isn't it?

    Maybe you are tricky enough to ship your guns for storage out of state...getting them back is another violation, if you are going to be a murderer it doesn't matter tho, you would be way outside man's and god's law at this point...but if you are caught you are probably losing all and I would guess it would be a felony, court costs, and jail time and probation...just a guess as a citizen.

       And in the above case where the Popo come to get yer guns because you have a restraining order..guess what, you are either a hero for standing up to the evil woman, or you are an asshole bully and you are going to be extra-judicially punished with an extensive search...depending on the individual LEO's and whatever the wife said to get the restraining order. Think a scared mad wife would ever make a mistake about how many guns and where they might be?
      But we already made the assumption the warrant is accurate and a reasonable judgement made correctly etc.

    It's messy, and any LEO going to your door in this domestic violence restraining order case would certainly have to think a guy with a restraining order is not to be trusted. or to be made a hero. Either she made it all up,' sorry buddy good luck' or the LEO is thinking 'this could seriously come back on me if he is hiding a gun, I don't need that shit and if he already needs a restraining order, I better be extra careful..'..wouldn't you?
      So this hypothetical might not be the best example to use to try and justify or suggest standing up to the Man.

    But go ahead Citizen, you have as many rights as your credit limit gives you.

    Yep, it's messy, and DOC's question is certainly valid...and why  the so necessary LEO's job sucks.

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Thu Jun 27, 2013 at 03:11:14 PM PDT

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