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View Diary: Guardian: “Edward Snowden 'not likely to gain asylum in Ecuador for months'” (94 comments)

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  •  They're SO AFRAID he might leak NSA secrets (1+ / 0-)

    to the Russians that they want to FORCE HIM TO STAY IN RUSSIA.

    If they keep this up, maybe Snowden will be intimidated by our govenment into cutting a deal with the Russians.  Like, turn over the laptop and you can live in style in 21st century Moscow.

    Wow, that would teach Snowden a lesson.

    ------- less snark for a moment ---

    Marcy Wheeler is right.  Our lovely government is doing this all very strangely if they want to keep him from giving secrets to foreign governments.

    The point of the insanely high level of media prosecution of Snowden seems to be aimed not at keeping him from "aiding and abetting our enemies" but at shutting him up from criticizing our government.  Which reinforces the obvious impression, the global one now, that this is political.  Domestic politics.

    Snowden's great crime is NOT informing the Chinese or Al Qaeda or the Russians about programs they probably know more about than we do.  His great crime is informing US, the American people, the greatest target of their spy program.  We might actually be a threat to them and their phony baloney jobs if we know too much.

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