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  •  Ah that explains it (6+ / 0-)
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    He isn't looking all that comfortable with the Strat so low. But he looks more so with the SG.

    Of course a lot depends on what music you're playing. Single note blues rock lead -- a Strat or Les Paul slung low is ideal.

    I'm a chicken-picking/slide/steel-licks country/R&B player (although I cut my teeth on rock, especially metal, many decades back now, when I did prefer Strats). A Tele on my belly is what I need.

    Amusingly, in between I spent ten years mastering finger style almost exclusively on acoustic steel string dreadnoughts, settling on my beloved D-28.

    I remember well my first Tele, which was that 1991 Thinline reissue. I finally felt like I had found an electric I could play with my fingers.

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