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    I always suggested my bass students look long and hard for an exceptional imported Mexican fender. You can find versions of those instrument that play better than American mades that cost thousands more. The trick is, you have to be patient and try hundreds of them before you find the right one.

    My working axe was actually a Mexican Fender that I bought after I got frustrated with an Alembic with a price tag of thousands more. That thing was never balanced right.

    With electric strign instruments it's all about ignoring the label and finding the right instrument.

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      such sweet thunder

      A friend of mine insisted he just had to have a Rick 4001.  Problem was he couldn't afford it, at least both that and feed the kids.  I finally convinced him to try out a Fender import.  It was lighter, balanced, sounded great, and cost thousands less.  And he likes it!
      He still wishes he could have a 4001, but at least he's got something to play and his kids are fed.

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