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    I've got a Gibson Les Paul Standard, an American Standard Strat... and a Korean-made Schecter. The Schecter stands up to the American guitars, and I got it used for around $400. The new Asian guitars in the $600-1000 range are of incredibly high quality for the price, and can be had used for less than half of their original value. I've owned a bunch of Ibanez, Schecter, and ESP/LTD guitars, and once you get out of the beginner's guitar section there are some serious values to be found.

    By comparison, I find those low-end Gibsons to be sort of junky. There's good ones to be found, but the quality control isn't what it should be. It should also be pointed out that Fender does big rebates a couple of times a year, so those $1200 Strats can be had new for under $1000. I got the $1350 Standard Ash for an even $1000 back in January. You have to time your purchases.

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