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View Diary: Frank Rich Eviserates David Gregory (138 comments)

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  •  Yes family tragedy for family, but . . . (0+ / 0-)
    While Russert's demise was a tragedy for his family, it was no great loss for journalism.
    Agreed, but it happened earlier.

    The "great loss for journalism" was Russert's career in journalism, not his disappearance from it.  Russert's career was a shining example of the multitude of non-objective Gingrich/Reagan orthodoxy that was taken on non-critical face value.  

    The burden was always on those who did not drink the GOP cool-aid to bring the assumptive conservative conventional wisdom back to the center before they could even start a conversation that added any value to public discourse.  Those moments were rare and quickly dispelled by follow-up guests or the weight of GOP ideologues who were thrown soft-balls while Russert lay, without a glove, sunbathing in the right field grass.  

    I would frequently screamed for his "figurative" defenestration from the NBC building, but would never wish on him his actual demise.

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