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  •  If you are going to the Creation Museum..hurry (5+ / 0-)

    It may be raptured to bankruptcy heaven soon.

    In 2012, the Creation Museum reported a 10 percent decline in attendance from the previous year, and its parent group, Answers in Genesis, posted a 5 percent drop in revenue. That continues a four-year slump and a new low for the museum at 280,000 total visitors last year [other sources say last year's total was 254,000 visitors, down from 400,000 in 2007, its opening year
    Part of the decline may be because they actually kick visitors out for laughing at the exhibits.
    •  200K at $30?head (4+ / 0-)

      its' a 6 million dollar enterprise.

      given most of the ushers/monitors make probably
      minimum wage and they have a fair number of volunteers,
      that should be a decent cash flow.

      now if they financed and have a lot of debt, then
      they could be in trouble.

      i suspect they are in gate decline because you only go see
      the place once.  

      once you've seen the dinosaur giving rides, what do you

      they may have run through the majority of their market base.

      maybe they need to rent the museum at night to events and parties.  

      You could use the space for some great convention parties.

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