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View Diary: Rick Perry calls Texas legislature back to push clinic-closing bill through (64 comments)

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  •  can all the Dems leave the state to thwart quorum? (8+ / 0-)

    My body is sovereign. No fetus or other person ever gets to override my right to control how my body is used. I expect people to fight for that right in whatever ways they can.

    If this were about laws demanding that every man must allow his body to be used by someone else for 9 months, it would never see the light of day.

    It pisses me off that they keep talking about whether a fetus can feel anything or think or has a soul or has rights or whatever.

    Here's what I put on my FB page, yesterday:

    I can't stand that debates about whether women can get abortions focus on whether a fetus is this or that. Or whether a fetus has rights.

    The question is one of a woman having the right of sovereignty over her own body.

    If my sister needs a kidney to survive and I'm the only match, I am not obligated to provide it. I probably would, but it is my right to deny her this life-preserving part of my body, regardless of whether I'm healthy enough, it's low-risk or whatever other measures want to be taken. My sister has a right to life, to be sure. But, she doesn't have a right to my body. No one has the right to use my body without my consent. Even a fetus. Even it means that denying my body to that fetus will deprive the fetus of life.

    And keep your religious perspective out of it when it comes to me. I don't, for one second, believe that you have any better relationship to, understanding of or message system from, some metaphysical being than I do. So, believe what you want, but your beliefs don't have to be mine and your beliefs do not erase my sovereign right to control my body.

    End rant.

    Message from the emergency broadcast system: rant likely to be heard again at unspecified future dates.

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