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View Diary: 'It Didn't Used To Be Like This.' When was that, again? (137 comments)

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    it's far more quantitative than qualitative. Sure, we know more since the intertoobs - that's qualitative. But the stakes are most definitely quantitative, and ultimately so.

    The issue became quantitative the moment we dropped nuclear WMDs on Japan and started an arms race even the warriors termed MAD. The power to kill every human (and higher mammal plus lots else) on the planet 400-plus times over with the simple push of a button definitely changed things. Forever. Who would deny it? Worse, it was at that same time when we the people - populations, not leaders or armies or factions or groups - became the targets of all their war-gaming.

    That hasn't changed just because newer, more lucrative ways of causing mass suffering have been emphasized, even as talk about the human-engineered Extinction Event has faded from the front pages. They won't push that button until they've bled this planet dry, but when they're done, the game really is over. There will be no future generations to challenge the dragons of their age. We'll be done.

    That has never been the case, in all of history. Humanity no longer gets to think in terms of personal survival or regional destruction, hope their children will do better someday. When the current game is over so will we be, along all we ever tried so hard to accomplish, all that we ever hoped to be or become.

    It really didn't "used to be like this."

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