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View Diary: Is Zimmerman's Lawyer Guilty of Badgering A Witness? (161 comments)

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  •  I think she's believable (9+ / 0-)

    I agree with others who say she's absolutely holding her own and that's impressive for someone her age in that situation.

    If you haven't seen the incredibly surreal five minute "creepy ass cracker" exchange from yesterday, go find it somewhere.  It's hilarious.  In relating what Trayvon said to her on the phone, she quoted him as saying this "creepy ass cracker" was following him again.  But she was talking so low, mumbling, and maybe had a bit of an accent, so for several minutes this phrase had to be repeated and clarified, so it was said by the judge at least twice, the court reporter a couple of times, the prosecutor and again by Rachel.  

    The defense later was saying she didn't relate those words to Trayvon's mom, implying that she's changing her story, but it seems clear as day she cleaned up her language for her friend's mother.

    In other words, despite the fact that she's lied about stuff (mostly trying to hide from the whole situation) and doesn't tell everyone the exact same story, I find what she said on the stand the first day when answering the state's questions to be completely believable.  

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