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View Diary: Three in four Americans living paycheck to paycheck while CEO-to-peons pay ratio now at 273-to-1 (142 comments)

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  •  Amen, PatriciaVA. (0+ / 0-)

    Business unions are run by people concerned about preserving their own bureaucratic benefits.

    On top of that, they're crippled by three things:

    1) they always agree to no-strike clauses--that means if a problem arises during the term of the contract, they must forgo direct action and depend on lawyers and arbitrators;

    2) they concede "management" issues to the employer, and these "management" issues include shutting down plants and moving operations to non-union sites;

    3) they're under the thumb of the NLRA, meaning anytime they piss off management, they risk a de-certification election and the loss of dues and their bureaucratic jobs.

    This is the opposite of how the union movement was built in this country.  First the Wobblies and then the CIO organized without benefit of the NLRA.  The CIO was growing by leaps and bounds BEFORE the NLRA.  In fact the NLRA should be understood as a way of reining in the booming labor movement.

    Both the Wobblies and the CIO used direct action, not government assistance, to achieve their aims.  They occupied workplaces.  They boycotted products.  They engaged in hand-to-hand combat with scabs and cops if necessary.

    The Wobblies wisely refused to sign no-strike clauses because they have always practiced "solidarity unionism."  The Reuthers were tempted and seduced by no-strike clauses to gain membership.  That proved to be the first step of their downfall.

    The second step in the CIO's and the Reuthers' downfall was a willingness to depend on politicians to achieve their gains, which in turn led to their complete dependence on the Democratic Party.  Walter Reuther saw this error and turned away from it, but his life ended soon thereafter in a plane crash.

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