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View Diary: A big giveaway for billboard companies in Wisconsin (75 comments)

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  •  What always surprises me about these type of (1+ / 0-)
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    stories isn't that politicians get bought and paid for, but for how relatively small amount of money it takes to buy their souls.  I mean, three giant outdoor companies combined over 13 years give $85k across multiple candidates and that's all it takes?  So early their souls are not only for se, they're ON sale.

    •  These guys drop a few thousand shekels (0+ / 0-)

      into GOP campaign coffers, and and the state of Wisconsin loses millions in tax revenue!

    •  Look closer (0+ / 0-)

      Even a pudknocker corrupt politician is going to hide the real spoils - front running the change is common.

      Look for a private loan to the pol and extended family to purchase billboard property when it had lower value. Often this will be masked with an LLC or other corporate shell.  Then notice how the value is up.  Now watch to see them sell it at a higher value.

      Search is easier by merely sorting for type of property sold. Then narrower period of time.

      I would also suggest looking at stock ownership but this is much harder to identify and will take time for any public filings to show up.  Easiest play is to buy options in the billboard firms public stock.  This should really boost their value.

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