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View Diary: A big giveaway for billboard companies in Wisconsin (75 comments)

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    This means many more billboards. Lower the taxes on billboards and the justification to slap up another one is a much lower amount of advertising revenue. During the upcoming Walker re-santification event each of these billboards will carry an ALEC composed, Koch brothers approved, GOP and John Birch Society ad.

    Any anti Walker effort will be attacked by the Palace Guard for blocking the view of billboards, walking on the sidewalk, conducting a meeting of 3 or more without a permit etc.

    State Police and local cops with tea party connections have followed people back to their homes and monitored them for hours.

    Between the interesting vote counting in Waukesha and for all we know other areas, voter suppression and the nut job turnout brought on by continuous media lunatic massage Walker is here to stay until he gets his cash reward from his owners or becomes POTUS.

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