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  •  Your Corporate Masters (6+ / 0-)

    It is terribly sad to see so many directly deceived by widespread corporate lobbying and propaganda.  

    Indeed this legislation is a Faustian bargain with a very high price for this nation, citizens, workers and unemployed.  Beneath the hoopla of illegal immigration/ border security lays a MASSIVE expansion in foreign "guest worker" programs.  

    Did YOU know this legislation was written directly by corporate lobbyist before it was wrapped as "immigration reform"?   And just how does massive numbers of foreign "guest workers" make sense as this nation faces high an sustained unemployment, falling wages, and abundance of citizens with the skills, education and intelligence for available jobs?

    Did you know that these workers are forbidden by law from starting businesses, retention of their visa is dependent on their employer and that abuses and fraud are widespread?

    The richest will profit handsomely off the flood of cheap labor while this nation's poor and middle-class will see declining wages and higher unemployment.  

    These are facts are directly confirmed by the CBO analysis of this legislation.  Yet hundreds of millions in corporate dollars spent on lobbying and propaganda continue to propel this legislation forward.

    What are you thinking?  Do you REALLY believe US corporations will sponsor these foreign workers to help Americans find jobs?

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