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View Diary: This week in the world of progressive state blogs: Alaska and the VRA, a glimpse of Texas blue (18 comments)

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  •  over and underestimate Texas (3+ / 0-)

    On the national level, Texas will be red or blue depending on what liberals do for Hispanics.  If liberals say Hispanics are stupid because they don't go and vote, rather than rational because there is no reason to vote, they will get no votes.  Hispanics immigrants in Texas want education, ability to work, and benefits from those work.  Liberals have to comfortable allowing the competitions.

    On a local level Texas will be more red than blue for the same reason the country is.  Traditionally entitled groups simply have more power.  On a national level this is shown by the senate and that a very small percent of the population controls a disproportionate number of conservation senators. This is show to be a national problems as the lack of power sharing by the traditional entitled means very conservative house.

    In the end conservatives are just shooting themselves in them foot over these issues.  The current laws are already very restrictive.  What they are doing now is simply evangelical christian terrorism, and it is not so popular.  Texas is not the hick backwoods like the Dakotas, Indiana,or Minnesota.  Although most counties in Texas do not have an abortion provider, and many have to drive a fair distance to get an abortion, the urban areas, where frankly the vast majority of wealth is located, are well provided for.  In the suburban and rural areas, unfortunately, there is such high poverty and suffering there are much greater issues, but, as they say, they have their faith so everything is ok.

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