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View Diary: Paula Deen - It's not the "n-word," it's much more dangerous. (249 comments)

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    For W-People using the N-Word that N-People use to describe themselves in their culture, music etc... is considered is a violation of free speech and the most obvious form of thought control used by the government and media today.

    All it means to me is the people who use the N-word  have hit the bottom of their cultural barrel proving to everyone they're really one point size I-word people.

    Or how about the P-Word people who upset the official P-word  people so much they show up to suppress the P-word people when too many P-word people get together to lobby for change with the Capitol P-word people and this results in the official P-word people ending the gathering of P-word people with a Capitol K-word followed by a sentence ending period.

    Of course if you have a brain that functions properly you understand this Insert X-word thing is really a 128 point size S-word thing that should be ignored entirely since the whole point of using a Capitol A=word with a Capitol C word in the beginning was to avoid this type of 128 point size S-word thing.

    I say let the W-word people use the N-word whenever they want to since then I know who the Germanic thinking W-word people are that would use the Capitol K-word with a sentence ending period to bring back the days when the W-people used the Capitol K-word to create a 680 point Capitol H-word in the last century by repeatedly holding down the shift key while using the Capitol K-word with a sentence ending period.

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    by hmsjo on Wed Jul 03, 2013 at 12:07:13 AM PDT

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