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View Diary: Tesla charging ahead in North Carolina (99 comments)

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  •  +1 for the SNL Reagan Skit Reference (3+ / 0-)
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    CalGal47, Just Bob, madhaus

    One of Phil Hartman's (sighs... taken from us too soon!) finest bits. As someone who lived through the Reagan "error", the idea of him being the secretly shrewd operator is STILL funny.

    As for TESLA and dealerships: Of course they're scared. Back in the day dealers were pretty much the only way cars could reasonably be sold. After all, even TV ads up to the sixties were in black and white and incredibly low res, and print ads didn't give even an external observers feel for how the car handled or looked in motion.

    By the 90's the idea that a dealership was a necessary part of buying a car began to falter. But by then they were entrenched members of the local chambers o' commerce, with the connections and money to protect what were carefully maintained sales channel monopolies.

    Ironically I think the Nissan Leaf, considering that the first 10 thousand or so were sold sight unseen (I bought mine having never actually driven one, which was a FIRST) gave the Tesla model a huge boost. For one, you can actually TOUCH the car in the malls. Sit in it. See how it fits.

    The test drive issue is annoying, but I'm hoping that a few well placed lawsuits will discourage the dealerships from trying to seal up their markets. :D

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