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  •  Yes. Speaking of mother animals, just a few days (8+ / 0-)

    ago I came home to find a mama turkey and her young chicks in my back yard. She was calling, clucking, a few different sounds, and clearly upset. The chicks were all over, mostly at the edge of the lawn, into the bushes, poking around, but at least one must have been missing. I was very concerned about them because I have cats, and I knew it would be an irresistible temptation for them. So I stood over by the chicks while the mama called and called as she walked back and forth around a big patch of bushes. Evidently she could hear the chick, or something, in there. There was such anxiety in how she was looking and walking about. But it had nothing to do with me - every time she'd walk by me she'd look at me and keep going, even though I was between her and the chicks. It's like she knew I wasn't a threat. At one point when it seemed like there was no solution, I was wishing she'd just take the 7 and leave the yard, but that was clearly out of the question. She wanted the missing baby, because as we know too, once they get separated a chick's chances are nil. Eventually, after 15 minutes or so, a chick appeared out of the bushes. She hustled it and the others out of the yard, and the last I saw of them they were headed into some woods down the road. We have a fair number of turkeys in the area and usually I don't worry about them, but this is a vulnerable time.

    The point of all this is that this mama turkey was thinking and feeling, and it wasn't just instinct. When our eyes met, there was an understanding.

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