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View Diary: Mayor Bloomberg: Stop And Frisk Targets Too Many Whites, Not Enough Minorities (11 comments)

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    Could this be any more fucking blatant? I don't know what would turn my stomach more: if he was doing this because he actively hated people of color, or because it's a cynical attempt to increase his tough-on-crime stock at the expense of people of color.

    Both, really.

    And then there's the fucking supercollider of fail and hypocrisy in saying that they're focusing too much on a demographic (which is a lie) that actually yields the results he claims to be looking for.

    Reezus Rice. Like I said, could this be any more fucking blatant?

    Thank you for this. Tipped and rec'd. Gonna go cool down.

    The problem with going with your gut as opposed to your head is that the former is so often full of shit. - Randy Chestnut

    by lotusmaglite on Fri Jun 28, 2013 at 11:17:22 AM PDT

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