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  •  Volcanoes,Gamma ray bursts, rouge planets... (8+ / 0-)

    The Universe is a pretty dangerous place.  The odds of life evolving an intelligent species without getting crushed by the same laws of physics and chemistry that created us, are pretty thin.

    It took nearly a half billion years for one cell life to evolve into multiple cells.  There have been 10's of millions of different life forms on earth, and yet only one evolved a high level of intelligence, and it is yet to be determined whether it is an evolutionary asset, or something that will lead to just another extinction.

    We like to play the odds games and say there are so many billions of stars and billions of galaxies, there has to be intelligent life out there.  But we can just as easily turn those tables and describe the incredible odds that led to intelligent life evolving on earth, and the even more incredible odds that it will continue to survive into the future.

    •  However, other stars in our neighborhood... (2+ / 0-)
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      ...are about the same age as our Sol, so sensibly we could guess that stars farther out on the limb might have older life forms, if they have made it further than us & survived, while stars closer to the galactic core would not have planetary systems as old as ours, so might not be to the "one cell" stage yet.

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    •  Ive been to a couple of rouge planets (1+ / 0-)
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      and I can tell you the floor shows are highly overrated. Esp the drag acts. Just how many Cher impersonators can you stand to listen to?

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