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  •  Dark Ages (8+ / 0-)

    A few comments:

    1.  I've always found the "Dark Ages" an interesting topic.  What caused the Roman and Greek civilizations to die or decay?  Could we have landed a man (or worman) on the moon in 969 instead of 1969, and what would this have meant relative to the arc of history ?   History suggests that "progress" is not continuous but undergoes repeated periods of enlightment and darkness -- that probably will occur even after any "singularity".   And some argue that the Dark Ages were not really "dark" -- intelligence was maturing in a necessary "orthogonal" direction for a time ... running out of steam for a time may be necessary ...

    2.  Current research suggests the age of solar system is 10-20% of the age of the "Universe".   If so -- and combined with the fact that we have only shown up recently -- then there may not have really been enough time to have many alien travelers.  Also suggests that "warping" of space may be more of a dream than reality -- the speed of light may be a hard limit on our ability to travel or communicate.

    3.  As has been discussed on/in many science shows/books, history suggests that advanced beings tend to make toys/slaves/guinea pigs out of so-called "lesser" life forms, even in cases where these life forms are not so much "lesser" but simply less powerful (biologically, militarily, politically).  So we should be very, very, very careful about making contact -- listening is one thing, naively broadcasting is something else ... we might be the ants biting the toes of some very dangerous life forms ...

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