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  •  Fermi's Paradox Perhaps Not a Paradox (6+ / 0-)

    Fermi's Paradox is probably not be a paradox at all.  The universe could well be "teaming with life", but because the universe is a very big place, all that life is just far away from each other.

    Keep in mind that star nearest to our sun is about 4.5 light years, about average for stars in the Milky Way galaxy.  Even assuming we could build a space craft that travels at 10 times the speed of existing craft, it would take some 40,000 years to get there.    

    The average distance between galaxies is about 10 million light years.  Since light is the fastest possible speed, it would take at least 10 million years travelling at the speed of light just to reach them.  That's about 5 times the age of our species.  Human longevity is going to have to be increased SUBSTANTIALLY before this really becomes a relevant question.

    Hence, its not at all surprising that we wonder "where in the hell they are".

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