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  •  A few things: (0+ / 0-)

    1. While your anthropomorphizing of the GOP as dinosaurs is correct, shouldn't Obama be a jellyfish because of his craven, spineless politicking on the subject of gay marriage? At the very least, the child killer should not be a lion.

    2. The comments section here truly shows that this garbage excuse for an editorial cartoon appeals to the lowest hanging fruit of the Daily Kos readership. Again, I can only hope and pray this Mallard Fillmore of the partisan center-left gets removed, permanently, due to being the worst thing on the Daily Kos site.

    •  what a beautiful parody-troll job! 2 cavils: (0+ / 0-)

      1:  Needs more sibillants, to reflect the spittle-flecked speech of the type you're so brilliantly satirizing.
      2:  Lions.are not "child-killers"?  Logic fail, even for a winger troll.
      Also, not quite sure which "children" your character is incensed about the demise of.  Haters of the type you're parodying rarely care about the innocents taken out by drones (kids or not, they're still Muslims!), so I doubt it's them you're referring to; ditto for the kids of poor parents who die of preventable diseases for lack of health-care....  which Obamacare, tho falling short of perfection, is actually doing something about.
      My best guess would normally be foetuses -- but the conservatards uniformly call them "babies," not "children."
      So I'm at a loss here.  Little help?

      •  Glad to help (0+ / 0-)

        First off, I'm the farthest thing from right wing, it's why I can't stand the current neocon administration. The children I am referring to are the ones murdered by drone strikes.

        As far as Obamacare goes, it is better than nothing, but still a pretty massive giveaway to insurance companies. Single payer is really the only solution.

        Thanks for chatting.

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