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View Diary: Narcissism, Conspiracy Theory and the Edward Snowden Affair (229 comments)

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  •  I think our definitions are not (14+ / 0-)

    as mutually exclusive as ideologues would have you believe.  There are gradations between Communism and Capitalism, and Socialism can fall just about anywhere along those lines.  Right now we have a Capitalist system that only benefits one small segment of society, largely since the reagan and Bush tax cuts.  Clinton didn't do us any favors either.  Our problem is that we have a legislative, and executive branch that are largely in the pockets of their corporate donors.  Top that off with a right leaning, activist Supreme court, and we're gonna have a difficult time enacting those regulations you speak so fondly of.  The legislature just doesn't fund the regulatory body if they're ideologically opposed to regulation, or in the corporations pockets.

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