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View Diary: War on Voting: SCOTUS edition (32 comments)

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  •  Great point,but challenging to implement (0+ / 0-)

    Granted that pre-clearance was a very important impediment to hidden and last-minute skullduggery, the problems in recent years have not been confined to the Section 4 jurisdictions.  

    But, importantly, as I understand it, the VRA principles were never confined to Section 4 jurisdictions - it was just that applying them to other jurisdictions required some kind of basis for post-facto litigation.

    So, in the interests of making an opportunity out of this challenge, can we now begin pro-active work in litigating in Federal courts against all laws and practices that contravene VRA principles?  In all jurisdictions?  

    The point - and the challenge - is  that we will not be able to depend on DoJ to do this for us preemptively.  It will take dedicated teams of activists in each state.   However, the record of recent elections would appear to provide ample basis for such challenges.

    I would welcome any comments from those more  versed in these matters - including (but not only) from those with law degrees.

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