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View Diary: Old enough to fight for our Nation? Old enough to drink. (109 comments)

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  •  Great excuse you got there. (5+ / 0-)

    Wonderful way to sell the idea.  "Older, more mature soldiers are needed in The New Warfare".  Of course they aren't.  What the military has wanted for the last century is naive, idealistic kids who will believe a load of crap and do what they're told without questions.  "Older, more mature soldiers"  ask questions, make their own judgments, are FAR BETTER in any situation that actually requires thinking, and are damned inconvenient when your main reason for fighting wars is to make a profit for some fat old rich guy three thousand miles away, because they want real reasons that either make sense to them or offer them a means to personal advancement.  Young brats shoot up the entire countryside, drop bombs on wedding parties, and make themselves hated by the locals, but they're cheap and disposable, which is after all the primary consideration for War By Corporation.

    But who ever said a selling point had to be true?  It sounds SOOOO good.  And if we managed to make it stick, it would raise the price of war for Our Corporate Masters.  I am So on board with this.

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